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AgapeMingle was established with you in mind, the 40 and over, spiritually minded Christian single.  Our purpose is to provide a format where singles from New York to Los Angeles connect for stimulating conversation, dating, friendship or just to mingle.  AgapeMingle is free to all, and it is our sincere desire that your expectations are not only met but exceeded.  We are striving to be the best online community where the spiritually minded connect for dating and friendship!

We are dedicated to serving the Christian Community.

Agape Mingle is a safe online format where liked minded Christian singles over the age of forty dates or just mingle.

It is our belief that you will enjoy this experience! Please share your stories with us!

“Agape” is one of the four ancient Greek words for love. Agape simply means the God kind of love, “love” that is bestowed upon another without the expectation of anything in return. In other words, “Agape” is the God kind of love as described in 1 Corinthians 13. “Mingle” is a meeting place or a place to socialize. Hence the name “AgapeMingle”.

AgapeMingle has been created for and by Christians. It is our sincere pleasure to serve you as we endeavor to follow Christ and adhere to the principles outlined in the Holy Bible.

Our Mission is to be the premiere meet and mingle site for Christian singles from Los Angeles to New York, and from Seattle to Atlanta. It is our desire to provide a safe and exciting place to meet new friends, a mate, or to merely share issues that are near and dear to your heart! We have dedicated this community to the over forty-five folks who are unmarried, divorced or widowed with or without children.

AgapeMingle is here for YOU!

  • Many years of excellent service
  • Real profiles
  • One month of free membership
  • The best membership rates ever
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